Saturday, June 4, 2022

Rifts: Glitter Boy for Stars Without Number (Revised)

This version of the Glitter Boy is built as Mecha instead of Power Armor.

Glitter Boy Power Armor 

Height: 3m

Weight: 100kg

Power System: Nuclear

Cost: 1.5m 

Maintenance: 2,000

Speed: 4

Armor: 15

HP: 60

AC: 20

Power: 25

Mass: 45

Hard Points: 2

Class: Heavy

  • Before firing the Boom Gun the pilot must activate its stabilization system as a Move action. The Boom Gun deals 6d8 damage, 1d8 Shock, with a range of 5,000/10,000. Anyone within 60m when the Boom Gun is fired without ear protection must make a Physical saving throw or be deafened for 2d4 turns.
  • Exoskeleton grants the pilot +4 to their Strength score and its hand to hand attacks deal 2d6 damage with Shock 2/AC 15. 
  •  Laser weapons only due 1/2 damage due to the mecha's chromatic alloy hull
  • Advanced targeting system grants the Pilot +1 Shoot.
  • Equipped with panspectral optics.
  • To keep the power armor out of enemy hands the pilot may engage a self-destruct program that inflicts 10d8 damage to anything within 10m.

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