Friday, June 3, 2022

Shadowrun: Dzoo-Noo-Qua for Stars Without Number



for Stars Without Number

HD: 4+4

AC: 15

Atk: +5 

Dmg: 1d8+1

Shock: 2/AC 13

Move: 10m

ML: 9

Skills: +0

Save: 13+

  • Has +2 to saves to resist magic.
  • Can see in the dark out to 20m.
  • Once per day, as an Instant action, it can shrug off any single weapon attack, magical attack, or physical trauma inflicted by a foe. If it rolls a natural 20 on its attack roll it gains another use of this ability for the day.
  • Is allergic to sunlight and is -2 to all actions while exposed to it.

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