Monday, June 20, 2022

Bullet Time: John Wick for Stars Without Number


HD: 10

AC: 18

Atk: +12 x 2 

Dmg: 1d8+5

Shock: 6/-

Move: 10m

ML: 12

Skills: +5

Save: 10+

  • He always goes first in combat.
  • He ignores Shock damage.
  • He gain a bonus of +2 to his Physical saving throws.
  • He can draw or holster a Stowed weapon as an On Turn action.
  • The first time each day he is reduced to zero hit points by an injury, he instead survives with 10 hit points remaining.
  • He can use pistol-sized ranged weapons in melee without suffering penalties for the proximity of melee attackers.
  • Even on a miss with a Ranged attack, he does an unmodified 1d8 damage.
  • He can split his Move action when making an any kind of Attack, taking part of it before attacking a target and part of it afterwards. This means he can even take a Move action on the same round as he makes an Execution Attack.
  • A target hit by his Execution Attack takes a -5 penalty on the Physical saving throw to avoid immediate mortal injury. Even if the save is successful, the target takes triple the normal damage inflicted by the attack.

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