Monday, June 18, 2018

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Asylum

We started a new Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign two weeks back. I'm using the excellent PDF adventure, In Need of a Killing (a Kickstarter exclusive), and expanding it's setting, the village of Asylum.

Some things that set my Asylum apart:

The World has two moons Gottlieb and Morrslieb, the blood red Witch's Moon (I completely stole this from Warhammer's Old World). Recently, both moons were full and the Road to Hell reappeared.

A few miles northwest from the village is Gaunt's Crick, but ol' timers know it as the Road to Hell, because of strange happenings that used to be common place there. In reality, a powerful leyline runs the length of the Crick and while it has been inactive for years, it's strange energies burnt so bright at night that it can be glimpsed from Asylum.

Esther McClintock's son, Thurston, is believed by the villagers to be an albino, but he is in fact a mooncalf, a mutant who is sensitive to the strange energies of the cosmos.  Esther's husband, Clive, died last summer and she worries that the erratic behavior Thurston has begun to exhibit will wear thin on villagers that barely tolerated the boy before her husband's death.

Otis Stapp and Gerald Burris, two teenage boys, claimed to have seen some strange, hairy men prowling close to the Crick the other day. While some adults checked the area, all they found were horse tracks that vanished into the Crick. It has the village cluckin'.

Immigene Laroo found a grotesque idol that fits into the palm of her hand. It was lying just outside the Weary Traveler Inn. She went to show it to Samyra, the Inn's owner, but couldn't bring herself to do so. That was several days ago and now she keeps it in her apron at all times and frets over her inability to share that it exists.

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