Friday, June 1, 2018

GameStorming: Rifts

I started playing Champions 4E and quickly found out I had gaming ADD. But I had help. I came across one of Palladium's old Magic of Palladium Books and their in-house hype machine made me want to buy EVERYTHING they had published sight unseen.

Of course, I bought Heroes Unlimited first, but no one wanted to go from Champions point buy character creation to HU's class-driven, DM-driven, sort of rules.

Then I bought Rifts and I fell hard. But once again, I wasn't experienced enough to understand that many early games left certain rules up to the DM, maybe they were incomplete or maybe they just empowered the DM. But, overall, the rules are...rough.

Savage Rifts is a great game, but sometimes you just can't shake your first big crush, y'know?

Obviously, I've been thinking about Rifts. I've been thinking about using it's system with a couple of house rules (only use Skill categories and the base percentage chance to succeed is set by the DM and your bonus in a skill modifies it, e.g. If I have Communication at +15% and the difficulty is 40%, then I have a 55% chance to succeed).

But I've also been looking at Genesys to run it. It could work.

But I've also though about using the Shadow of the Demon Lord rules to power it. It seems pretty sexy.

But I've also just thought about running any game system I like in the Rifts setting.  Yeah, for some reason that seemed to blow my mind. Like somehow I never really thought about that. Maybe take a DnD 5E game and Glitter Boy armor is a magic item or you gain some spell-like abilities to become a Burster or leylines affect spells.

Nothing concrete will happen soon. We have a boss fight with Vecna in the game I'm running this week and I'm purely playing in the friday game right now. But the ideas sit there, like an obsessed spider using my brain as it's web.

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