Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Of Mars: Banth for 13th Age

Banths are large predators, somewhat analogous to the earthly lion, which hunt in the low hills near the long-dead seas of Mars. They have long, sinuous bodies, completely hairless except for a bristly mane around the neck, and supported by ten legs, and powerful jaws with several rows of needle-like teeth. The eyes of a Banth are protruding and green.

4th level wrecker [BEAST]
Initiative: +8

Claw, Claw, Claw, Claw, Bite +9 vs AC - 14 damage
     Natural Even Roll: The target is grabbed

     Natural Roll of 16+: An additional 7 damage

Fearsome: Banths use the escalation die.

Nastier Specials
Several Rows of Needle-Like Teeth +9 vs PD -10 damage
     Natural Roll of 16+: The target is hampered

AC 20

PD  18          HP 54

MD 14

Fear Threshold 18

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