Thursday, September 1, 2016

Avengers Initiative: Master Menace for ICONS

I've got an idea for an Icons game set in within the Marvel Cinematic Universe post Civil War where Tony Stark has begun the Avengers Initiative. In many ways it could be a spiritual sequel to my Mightiest game. And along the way we will meet some of their foes:

Emil Burbank has an immense genius and claims to be the "smartest person on the planet" and was hired by Brand Corporation (a division of Roxxon Oil) as it's Chief Technical Officer. Burbank's goal was to use the information acquired by Justin Hammer and other sources to offer it's clients the services of super-soldiers.

Burbank soon became aware of the Inhuman population on Earth and the terigen crystals that were necessary for their powers to express. Emil was able to use technology of his own design, powered by a Terrigen crystal he was able to acquire, to safely grant a subject super powers. However, Emil chose to test the technology on himself and the exposure to the crystal magnified his already narcissistic personality into full blown megalomania.

Currently, Burbank has created the Master Menace persona to front a super-solder for hire organization known as the Squadron Sinister. Thus far he has produced seven Squadron members: Killer Shrike, Anaconda, Manticore, Lightning Fist, Thermite, Foxfire, and Lamprey. 

He divides his time between running Brand and overseeing Squadron interests.


Determination: 1          

Stamina: 17

Origin: Gimmick

Prowess: Fair (4)

Coordination: Great (6)

Strength: Incredible (7)

Intellect: Supreme (10)

Awareness: Great (6)

Willpower: Great (6)


Blast Amazing (8)
Fast Attack Amazing (8)
Flying Amazing (8)
Force Field Incredible (7)

Gadgets Great (6)

Science (+2)
Technology (+2)
Business (+1)

I'm Simply Smarter Than You Are
Don't Test Me
I Already Thought Of That!

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