Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dark Souls: Chaos Eater for Shadow of the Demon Lord

A sickly yellow, inverted cone-shaped enemy that is covered in eyes. A gaping, tooth-ringed mouth opens at the top and their multiple, suckered appendages make a hollow popping noise while walking.

It have 700 health. 

Size 1 horrifying monster
Perception 16 (+6); shadowsight
Defense  15; Health 20
Strength 12 (+2)   Agility 14 (+4) Intellect 10 (+0)   Will 13 (+3)
Speed 10; climber
Immune gaining Insanity; asleep, diseased, fatigued, frightened, 

Appendage (melee; reach+2) +4 with 1 boons (2d6)

Too Many Eyes The chaos eater attacks two different targets with its appendages.


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