Friday, September 9, 2016

Monster of the Week: The Tsul'kalu

I may very well be running a one shot of Monster of the Week in the near future and I'm working on creating a Threat (this is all +Gaming Ronin's fault).

Basic Concept A malicious Native American legend has returned to the Woods and is searching for a Relic that will let it dominate the land, once again.

Hook Several locals have gone missing, even one of the volunteers searching for them.

   Tsul'Kalu (Monster: To hurt and terrify)  A type of sasquatch that brooks no other hunters in it's territory and has the ability to mind control it's victims. Generations ago, it trapped the spirit of Awinita in an ancient relic and is looking for where it is buried.
   Ferocious Strength
   Mind Control
   Dark Magic
   Attacks Strike 2-Harm Intimate Hand; Mind Control -2 Forward Range
   Armour 1-Armour
   Harm Capacity 10
   Weakness Fire

   Fred Tierney (Minion: To steal for his master)
   Abigail Hawkins (Minion: To steal for her master)
   Josh Perkins (Minion: To steal for his master)
   Attacks Strike 1-Harm Intimiate Hand
   Armour None
   Harm Capacity 4 Each

   Tom Shaw (Bystander: Witness)
   Lisa Shaw (Bystander: Skeptic)
   Katey Shaw (Bystander: Victim)
   Deputy Joanne Burch (Bystander: Detective)
   Loren Desmond (Bystander: Busybody)
   Ruth Tierney (Bystander: Official)
   Emily Moore-Perkins (Bystander: Gossip)

   Shaw Farm (Location: Hub)
   The Woods (Location: Wilds)
   The Shack (Location: Den)
   The Cornfield (Location: Prison)
   Planterville Library (Location: Crossroads)

   1. Day: In the last 9 days, 3 citizens of Planterville have gone missing, including Abigail Hawkins who was part of a search party for Fred and Josh.

   2. Shadows: Tom Shaw has been hearing something rustling around in his barn for several weeks and a wildlife camera took a picture of something he can't identify. Something that Deputy Burch is ignoring.

   3. Dusk: Fred, Josh, and Abigail find the Relic and plan to take it to their master.   

   4. Sunset: The tsul'kalu kidnaps Katey shaw and carries her off to the Shack.

   5. Nightfall: Tsul'kalu instructs it's minions to protect the Shack while it uses the Relic for the ritual.

   6. Midnight: By sacrificing Katey,  the tsul'kalu can become the apex predator of the region again. It will hunt down all of the game, livestock, and even the townsfolk that remain in Planterville by the new year.

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