Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back This: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy

Steve Jackson Games is using Kickstarter to fund a Dungeon Fantasy Box Set with five books to allow people to easily and quickly being playing GURPS in the same genre as DnD.

Sean Punch mentioned this about the project on the SJGames' Forums:

What This Is: A standalone roleplaying game, Powered by GURPS – a game created using GURPS as a toolkit. To create it, I had to rewrite big chunks of the GURPS Basic Set, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy (mostly the first three volumes), and – have no fear – GURPS Magic. I also had to write more original material than I realized back in January . . . Whether you're a GURPS fan, a player of other RPGs, or a total newbie to gaming, there's something in the box for you.

What This Is Not: An "update" or a "repackaging" of anything. This is not "all the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy supplements and related Pyramidissues in one place for existing GURPS fans." That would intimidate the living crud out of newbies, who we hope will buy the game! In fact, you don't have to know what a "gurps" is to use this. (Depending on how many house rules you use, you might even be better off if you don't!)

More on this in upcoming weeks . . . I'm still writing the Designer's Notes articles.

I'm not sure why, but I'm REALLY excited about this even though DnD 5th Edition and Shadows of the Demon Lord (especially SotDL) really scratch my fantasy itch. I will admit to being very disappointed that there is no PDF component to this project.

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