Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Revenant, a Enchanted Sword

"It's haunted. I'm certain of it." Said Proteus of Khelk, "and old. Very, very old, maybe...he glances left and right, then whispers softly, Elvish." 
   The priest makes the sign of the New God, "I have a patron who wants to make sure than an agent receives it. Anonymously," he says nervously.
   "Is the recipient an enemy or a friend?" Proteus asks, real concern cutting his haggard face in half.
   The priest begins to respond then hesitates, "I didn't think to ask, do you know where we might find the...blade, my...patron wonders why it's just a hilt?"
   Proteus, looking older and more concerned by the moment, "It was always just a hilt. A finally crafted, sacrifice-forged hilt. That is HAUNTED. Do you understand? Something once living inhabits that hilt...and my guess forms the blade. We're done priest. I don't even want your's tainted. Corrupt. Be gone with you and your....patron at once. At. Once."

Bastard Sword (2d6 Plus Phantom on an attack roll 20+; 1 hand)
Phantom You have 2 boons to attack the target for 1 minute.

As a triggered action, the wielder can cause a ghostly blade that moans, shrieks, and curses them in elvish while it is manifested. The blade will grow silent and gleam with a bloody red light in the presence of spirits.

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