Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Savage Worlds: Monster Mercs

The Monster Mercs are part of the private security firm, Black Mountain, which has numerous contracts with private corporations and governments around the world. While their specialty has always been operating within theaters of war, a number of cases involving fortean or paranormal properties presented themselves to their agents in the early days of the twenty-first century.

Black Mountain's board, after taking time to confer with their clients and friendly government agencies, decided to greenlight recruiting agents better equipped to deal specifically with these types of cases.

Project: Abyss was formed and is overseen by Dr. Solomon King, a noted paranormal investigator, his project manager, Sybil Harkness, and Hannibal West, an expert in bleeding edge science.

The initial class of agents for the Monster Mercs, as Sybil calls them, are Naomi Stein, a young Israeli woman who's life was saved by limb grafts and an upgraded nervous system; Lonnie Talbot, a former english teacher from the Ozarks who has contracted lycanthropy from an astronaut; K.A.R.N.A.C.K, an artificial entity found in one of the Great Pyramids and used as payment by the Egyptian government for services rendered, West was able to reboot him; and Eden Good, a witch and expert on the occult.

Dr. King is currently recruiting a second class of agents, as Black Mountain feels the Monster Mercs billable hours to be far worth their investment.

The group is currently operating out of an old cannery outside of Albuquerque and has access to a full-time support crew of eleven support personnel.

Their first three cases have been successful: they have dealt with an ISIS cell in Afghanistan that had summoned a djinn to their service; infiltrated and broken up a cult to the Black Goat of the Woods, that a Senator from New Jersey's daughter had joined; and liberated a Plexico Oil Research Station in Alaska from d'rro after the crew had stumbled upon an underground listening post for the subterranean humanoids.

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