Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gods of the Fall: Modesti, God of the Dark for the Cypher System

I wanted to roll up a sample character to run through the new options in MCG's Gods of the Fall. Went super smooth, maybe added another 5 minutes to the process. I can't wait to try this out.

Wary Destroyer Who Walks With The Night and the God of the Dark

Level/Effort 3

Might 12
Speed 13
Intellect 19 Edge 3

Special Abilities 
Create Shadow
Danger Sense 
From The Shadows
Sense Ambush 
Skill With Attacks
Surprise Strike

Trained in Stealth Skills

Trained in All Tasks Identifying or Assessing Danger

Trained in Intellect Defense 

Trained in Intimidation

Trained in Perception

Tier 1 Creeping Shadow and Night Eyes.

Tier 2 Summon Creature of the Night.

Tier 3 Foreboding Strike. 

Domain Abilities
Tier 1 Manifest Nimbus - A cloak that appears to be made of the night sky, filled with stars.

Tier 2 Self Aware.

Divine Shifts

Nightfall Medium Piercing Weapon 4.

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