Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Old World: Skinks of the Lizard Men for 13th Age

Shorter and leaner than Saurus, Skinks are less physcially strong than their cousins, but make up for it with their higher amount of initiative and ability to understand abstract concepts, and perform complex tasks. Though completely loyal to the Slann, the Skinks often act independantly of them, directing the other Lizardmen to ensure to smooth everday running of life in the temple-city, deferring to the Saurus only in times of war.

Skink's buggish eyes, rows of razor sharp teeth, and large, fleshy extendable crest on the top of it's head make it an unnerving foe to face. However the primary purpose of the crest is to enhance communication, and subtle movements and hue changes allow the Skinks to easily communicate silently before attacking an unaware enemy, or issue complex instructions to another.

Naturally aquatic creatures, Skinks make up for their lack of resilience by being equally at home in the water or on land. Able to stay underwater for large periods of time, and being excellent swimmers has led to an affinity with the Kroxigors, who despite their large size are similarly at home in the swamps and rivers of Lustria


1st level [REPTILE] 
Initiative: +5

Blowgun +6 vs. PD - 5 damage
        Natural 16+: The target is weakened.

Ambush +6 vs. AC  - 5 damage
        Natural Even Roll: 5 additional damage.

Nastier Specials
Leader: When the escalation die is 2, the skink summons 1d6+1 additional skinks.

Little Sibling: When the escalation die is 4, the skink summons 1d3 kroxigors.

AC 17

PD  11               HP 27

MD 15

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