Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Get Ready to Back This: Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter Launching 2/29/16

While I backed the Numenera & The Strange Kickstarters, it was this past summer, as the Cypher System Rulebook (the game system that powers all three games) released that I fell for all the system pretty hard.

On top of that, I've had great experiences in all of my dealing with everyone I've worked with at Monte Cook Games (they are the only reason I want go to Gen Con this year).

On February 29th they will be launching their Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter that will present three worlds for purchase as individual books:

Gods of the Fall: Awaken your divine spark, claim a dominion, and become a god in a fantasy world in which the heavens smashed upon the Earth like a vengeful star.
Predation: First figure out how to survive the dark and dangerous world of the Cretaceous Period using the technology of the future—high-tech weapons, advanced science, and bioengineered dinosaurs—and then worry about the asteroid that history says wipes out all life on earth.
Masks: They say you’re insane. Dangerous. That you suffer from Dissociative Mask Disorder. Your parents and the doctors and the press and the military. They can’t believe what’s happening. They can’t believe what you can do.
If your a Cypher fan, mark your calendar. If your a Monte Cook fan, think about trying an intriguing system that hums at the table and is, in my opinion, the easies RPG I've ever GM'd. If you just like cool games, simply Back it.

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