Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fantasy AGE: Avion Race for Eternia


You come from a civilization of winged simians who live high on the peaks of the Mystic Mountains.  You are lead by Stratos, a brave honorable warrior allied with King Randor. You have the ability to fly thanks to an enchantment from  the magical Emerald Staff.

Avion Names

Aero, Cumulus, Storm, Vortex

Playing an Avion
If you choose to play an avion, modify your character as follows: 

• Add 1 to your Constitution ability. 

• You have may Fly with a speed equal to 10 (minus armor penalty, if applicable).,

• Your Speed is equal to 10 + Dexterity (minus armor penalty if applicable).

• You can speak and read the Avion and Common Tongue.

• Roll twice on the Avion Benefits table. Roll 2d6 and add the dice together. If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you get something different. 

Avion Benefits

2d6 Roll                    Benefit
  2               +1 Perception

3-4             Focus: Willpower (Courage) 

  5              Focus: Intelligence (Historical Lore) 

  6              Weapon Group: Bows 

7-8             +1 Accuracy 

  9               Focus: Communication (Leadership)

10-11          Focus: Constitution (Flying)

 12             +1 Dexterity 

Avion Stunt
Flyby (3 Stunt Points): You gain a +1 to Defense until the beginning of your next turn and you inflict an additional 1d6 damage on your attack. 

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