Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Old World: Skaven Clanrat for 13th Age

Clanrats forms the vast overall bulk of Skaven military power, a large verminous horde of ratmen that go to war as basic and highly-expendable front-line infantry. These Skaven belong to any one of thousands of Clans scattered throughout the underground burrows, strongholds and bursting cavern-cities that make up the whole of the Under-Empire. Of all the teeming masses, only the worker dregs, the worthless and even more insignificant Slave Rats, are care considered even more numerous then the Clanrats themselves.

Clanrats are slightly smaller than man-sized, standing four to five feet high. They range between lithe and scrawny and are possessed of a constant energy, most commonly seen in a nervous twitching of their hairless, worm-like tails. A single Clanrat is not a fearsome opponent. A lone warrior will lack any degree of discipline or determination and is likely to skulk in the shadows, afraid to go forward, too catious to go backwards and terrified to even stand it's own ground for more then a moment without fleeing. Unless driven by black hunger, a single Clanrat will only attack something that is visibly weakened or crippled, preferring even then to attack unseen from behind. When banded together in a large pack, however, each individual Skaven would bolster each other's confidence and fuel their feral ferocity to a highly aggressive level. This allows the individually cowardly ratmen to form massive units that will recklessly hurl themselves into a fray against obviously superior troops.


2nd level [HUMANOID] 
Initiative: +6

Flashing Blade +7  vs. AC -7 damage
        Natural roll of 16+: 5 additional poison damage

Fangs +7 vs. PD - 7 damage
        Miss: 3 damage

Nastier Specials
Clan Moulder: Experiments by the clan improve the clanrat's AC and PD by 1.

Clan Skyre: Magical technology provide by the clan allows the clanrat to use the escalation die.

Clan Pestilen: Pestilence provided by the clan allows the clanrat to  inflict the escalation die in poison damage on a hit.

AC 18

PD  16               HP 36

MD 16

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