Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Psionics Unearthed: Tesseract for D&D 5th Edition is now LIVE on the Dungeon Master's Guild

My third entry in the Psionics Unearthed series, the teleporting Tesseract just launched on the

Here's an excerpt:

A human crouches low behind moss-covered boulders.  The sun is low in the afternoon sky and shadows stretch long across the windswept trail that leads into the nearby hills.
   She spies her quarry, a cadre of six hobgoblins, all members of the Boneripper Legion. Four of them are riding on horseback coming toward her.  The last two are driving an empty cart, drawn by two mares.  The fact that she’s too late to free their slaves make her gorge rise, but she focuses on her mission, on justice, on vengeance.  
   Pop! She teleports to the closest rider and the hobgoblins head leaves it’s shoulders before the creature could even blink.
   Pop! She’s slit the throat of the second rider and only now are it’s comrades even becoming aware of the threat to them. 
   Pop! She’s pierced the heart of the third one, just as the fourth hobgoblin begins to draw it’s weapon. 
   Pop! She drops to her knees, staying low behind her enemy, in the empty cart they pull, her prey frantically casting about, looking for their enemy, fear plain in their inhuman eyes.
   Her bloody task now done, she wipes the blood from her longsword on the last corpse and takes one of their horses. There are slaves to free or at the vey least slavers to take vengeance upon.

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