Monday, February 8, 2016

Fantasy AGE: Fungus Amongus of Eternia

This post is exploring ideas for running Green Ronin's excellent Fantasy AGE in He-Man's Eternia or a similar genre, like Masters of Umdaar

I'm going to use a character of my own creation:


Background: Scholar

Abilities [Bold means its Primary], Skills are in parenthesis.
Accuracy 3
Communication (Persuasion) 0
Constitution 0
Dexterity 2
Fighting 0
Intelligence (Historical Lore) 3
Perception (Seeing) 0
Strength 0
Willpower 3

Speed 10
Defense 12
Armor 3 (Light Leather - Strain 1)
Health 24

Racial FeaturesDark Sight - sight of 20 yards in darkness w/o light source
Languages - Avion,  Common, Arachna, Read and speak.

   Novice - You learn an additional language from the following list:
   Avion, Vine Tongue, Rakashi, Trolla, Human, Arachna.
Weapons (Trained in Bows, Brawling, and Staves)
Quarterstaff: Attack 3d6+3; Damage 1d6+1
Arcane Blast: Attack 3d6+3; Damage 1d6+3; Range 16 Yards

Spells (Magic Points: 16; Spell Power: 13)
Fire Arcana, Novice, Casting Roll = 3d6+3+0

Arcane Lantern - Utility, Mp2 (per hour), Major Action, TN 8, Test None, You illuminate the area around you with a steady light similar to that of a lantern. The spell illuminates a 10 yard radius centered on you. Arcane lantern lasts for one hour, but can be extended for 2 MP per additional hour.

Flame Blast - Attack, MP 4, Major Action, TN 12, Test Dex (Acrobatics vs. Spellpower, Gouts of blazing fire erupt from your outstretched hands or arcane device, burning nearby targets. The flame blast is 8 yards long and 2 yards wide. Anyone hit by the blast takes 2d6+1 damage. Targets that make a successful Dexterity (Acrobatics) test vs. your Spellpower only take 1d6+1 damage.

Healing Arcana, Novice, Casting Roll = 3d6+3+0

Revival - Utility, MP 5, Major Action, TN 14, Test None, Your touch helps restore the grievously wounded or fallen. A dying character adjacent to you immediately regains 10 + their Constitution + your Willpower in Health. Since dying characters cannot take actions, you cannot cast this spell on yourself.

Healing Touch - Utility, MP 1-3, Major Action, TN 10, Test None, Your touch seals wounds and restores vigor to one wounded target. You can choose to spend up to 3 MPs when you cast the spell. For each MP spent, the target gets back 1d6 Health. You can cast this on yourself.

Personal Stunts
Toxic Spores (3 Stunt Points): You unleash noxious clouds around you.  Anyone caught in the a 3 yard radius around you, suffers a –2 penalty to Defense and a –5 penalty to Speed for one round. 

Healing Spores (5 Stunt Points): Your cloud of spores heal your comrades.  Every ally  in a 3 yard radius around you gets back 1d6 health. 

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