Monday, February 22, 2016

Clerical Work: Specialty Priests of Gryphax, Feather Serpent Steed of Radion

Over the weekend Chris Kutalik did a post on the Otus Pantheon.  And recently Trey Causey expanded things for the Otus Pantheon.  I decided to do a series of posts setting up each deity's Specialty Priests, the deity's name is in yellow and the feat's name is bolded.  

Prerequisite: Cleric with the Tempest Divine Domain
The Feathered Serpent is devoted to justice and will always aid a Paragon of the Peerless Paladin.

Thanks to your devotion, you gain the following benefits:

• When you rebuke attackers with your Wrath of the Storm ability, the creature takes 2d10 damage.

• When a Paragon of Radion is within 10 feet of you, they gain a +2 bonus to their melee damage rolls.

• You have resistance to poison and thunder damage.

• Your speed increases by 10 feet.

• You learn the shocking grasp cantrip.

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