Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thor's Day: Fin Fang Foom for 13th Age

According to legend, the creature once thought to be native of the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon was actually the navigator of a starship from a planet called Kakaranathara. Theirs was a race of peace, but the alien we know as Fin Fang Foom - meaning "He whose limbs shatter mountains and whose back scrapes the sun" - led a group of dissidents to the stars, setting out to conquer other worlds. Arriving at some point in what we now know as the Duchy of St. Cuthbert, Foom and his cohorts were confronted by a cadre of wizards, and every member of the dragon's crew were slain, except for Foom. Escaping, Foom found in well-hidden tomb on an island on Baelia Lake and imbibed a potent herb that placed him into a long, deep slumber.


"We are, all of us, living in the shadow of Fin Fang Foom."

-Mastermage Viola Puten, Head Mistress of the Hexenschule.

Huge 10th level [DRAGON] 
Initiative: +9

Limb from limb +15 vs. PD - 174 damage
        Natural Even Roll: The target loses 1 recovery.

C: Toxic breath +15 vs. PD (1d3 nearby or far away enemies)
 - 60 poison damage, and 20 ongoing poison damage

        Natural Even Roll: The target loses 1 recovery.

        Miss: 30 poison damage.

R: Telepathic +15 vs. MD - 160 psychic damage

        Natural Even Roll: The target is vulnerable until the end of the

Mastermind: When the escalation die is even, Fin Fang Foom gets an extra standard action that turn.

I AM FIN FAN FOOM!: Fin Fan Foom uses the escalation die.

Wings: Fin Fan Foom can fly.

Nastier Specials
Gifted Intellect: Fin Fang Foom's gets an extra standard action every turn. 

C: Trample +15 vs PD (1d3 nearby enemies) - 150 damage
      Natural Even Roll: Target is weakened.
      Natural 16+: Target is stunned.

AC 26

PD  20               HP 648

MD 24

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