Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Antimony: Johenna Nork, founder of the The Pulsar for Numenera

There is a village two days travel north, past the Spiritlands, known as Antimony, that will celebrate its tenth anniversary this High Summer Eve.  One of the first projects to break ground was the Pulsar, a six-story tavern and inn that initially housed many of the villagers that founded the village.  

Today, the Pulsar is known for Dixie McCrary's Newt and Fig Stew, her Fanana Pudding, and Tulip Mead, a brew whose secret she guards vehemently.  But, many are shocked to note that Dixie has only been the cook for less than two years, only taking over after the Pulsar's founder, Johenna Nork, lost her right hand to a sting from an ectoscorpion while searching for welberries in Nanny Nuke's Vine Yard, just east of Antimony.  Ms. Nork has walked a long, sad road, but has begun to find true peace in her adopted home.

Johenna chose to join the pilgrimage after the death of her husband and four children during a skirmish between the Amber Papacy and the Gaians in the Cloudcrystal Skyfields.  Angry, appalled at the senseless violence, and needing a fresh start, Johenna found a new family among the pilgrims she travelled with.  She demonstrated affection and respect to her peers, but would brook no foolish, knowing how steep the costs could be.

Johenna and Dixie are aided in running the Pulsar but Bronco De'Ville, the Inn's manager; Solara of the Iron Rod, an android who cleans everything; and Dixie's younger twin brothers, Marko and Darko, who aid her in the kitchen and do other odd jobs.  Several of the villagers work part-time as needed in various ways.

Recently, Earl Bloc, the Lead Khorse Trainer at Rancho Pequito, has begun courting Johenna.  Most of the village is hoping to see the couple find happiness.  However, Lemon Thorpe, who's advances were spurned by Johnenna due to his drinking problem, grows angrier by the day at the couple's relationship and spend his hours plotting revenge.

As the village's anniversary approaches, please let me introduce you the citizens and locales of Antimony:

Johenna is open and easy to talk to, a true caregiver who never fails to make time for those in need. Her eyes are the only hint of the sadness she bears at losing her family, many years ago. She is quick to provide advice and direction and has taken an active role in the direction of Antimony, being well respected by both Aeon Priests. While, she initially hired Dixie as a temporary replacement due to difficulties with her prosthetic hand, she is glad to have the young cook on staff and is relieved to have the help.


Motive: To help the villagers of Antimony in any way possible
Environment: Most often found in the Pulsar Tavern and Inn
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 4
Armor: 0
Movement: Short
Modifications: Cooking 5, Give Advice 4, Intellect defense 5, Listening 5

Combat: Johenna is wicked with a kero staff.
Stand Down!: If Johenna rolls a 14-20 on a defense roll in the Pulsar, her shouting will make everyone stop attacking for a minimum of 1d6 rounds.
Kero Staff: She inflicts 6 damage.
Use: Johenna is easy to get to know and a source of valuable information.  She has a level head and keeps a keen eye on things.
Loot: --

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