Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cypher Friends: Firestorm for the Cypher System

Firestorm is distinguished by his integrated dual identity. High school student Ronnie Raymond and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Martin Stein were caught in a nuclear accident that allowed them to fuse into the "nuclear man" Firestorm. Due to Stein's being unconscious during the accident, Raymond was prominently in command of the Firestorm form with Stein a voice of reason inside his mind, able to offer Raymond advice on how to use their powers without actually having any control over their dual form.

After the accident, Firestorm took to defending New York from such threats as Multiplex and Killer Frost. And became a member of the Justice League of America.  Ronnie harbors a great deal of guilt, because Ra's Al Ghul tried to recruit Firestorm in for his pogrom and didn't take him seriously.


Motive: Stop Ra's Al Ghul and repopulate Earth Eden
Environment: Earth Eden
Health: 28
Damage Inflicted: 8
Armor: 2
Movement: Short (Walking or Flying)
Modifications: Intellect defense 9, Science 9, Speed defense 10

Combat: Firestorm is a living nuclear reactor, who phase through objects, fire nuclear blasts, and alter the molecules of inanimate objects.
Alter Molecules: He has 5 random cyphers.
Teachable Moment: Due to being a composite being of Ronnie Raymond and his physics teacher, Martin Stein's advice, Firestorm may have a target preroll an attack or defense roll twice per scene.Phasing: As an action, he may move through any inanimate object.
Use: Firestorm helps Zatanna in her search to gain retribution against Ra's Al Ghul for murdering 94% of the Earth.  However, he wants justice, not more blood on his hands.
Loot: A defeated Firestorm has 1 cypher.

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