Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cypher Friends: Esper, a supervillain for the Cypher System

For untold centuries, a swarm of tiny motes had traveled through space, seeking a new home. Resembling a cloud of energy, it was in fact alive. Intelligent and malevolent, it journeyed from planet to planet, seeking a species suitable to serve as host bodies. Weak and desperate, it finally found a proper home — a green and pleasant world its inhabitants called Earth. Descending through the atmosphere, the swarm picked out the best host it could quickly find: Ruth Ericson, lonely, bitter, and angry for reasons the swarm could not comprehend.

The swarm entered her mind and began to assert its control. Suddenly, the woman fought back! Contact with the swarm had awakened her latent psychic powers, and in her panic she struggled against the invaders. Weak after so long in space, the swarm was unable to establish total control. Instead, what it achieved was synthesis — a melding of itself and the woman’s strange body. 

Now it would conquer and rule this pitiful world, establishing its dominion over the miserable masses of humanity. And in time, per- haps it would reach for the stars once more....

ESPER 8 (24)

Motive: Conquest
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 30
Damage Inflicted: 8
Armor: 3
Movement: Short
Modifications: Intellect defense 9, Milky Way Galaxy 9, Perception 9, Social Interaction 7

Combat: Esper is a powerful psionic whose attacks are generally defended with Intellect.
Unimind Manifestation: Once per scene, she may summon a duplicate of herself that is a Level 7 minion who may also use Psychic Assault.
Psychic Assault: She may inflict 4 Intellect damage that ignores armor.
Psychic Control: When a creature rolls a 1-2, while making an Intellect defense roll against her, she may take over the creature's next action.
Use: The National Museum of History and Science is hosting a gala exhibition featuring a mysterious crystal skull purported to be have been recovered in the crate of ancient meteorite.  Esper has taken notice of the crystal skull and decides to crash the gala.
Loot: A defeated Esper has 2 cyphers.

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