Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thor's Day: Baron Karza for 13th Age

Over 1,000 years ago, Chief Scientist Karza trained the young royal, Arcturus Rann, to fly using glider wings. However, in one class, he cut Arcturus' wings, forcing the youth to grab onto Karza in order to stop falling and they landed safely, if somewhat unceremoniously. Although not actually named, it was quite evident that Karza later used the Master Assassins to climb the tower where Arcturus' quarters were, but they were noisy and the youth was alerted before they could reach him. Arcturus engaged them in combat using his wings, but the assassins all died before they could reveal their master's name. Concerned by the apparent conspiracy against the royal house, Arcturus' father, Lord Dallan Rann, then commanded Karza to train his son to be the first Micronaut. Arcturus was Karza's only pupil during this time. Arcturus later left on his 1,000-year journey into the Microverse and discover new worlds.  Upon his return he learned that Karza had usurped the throne and murdered his father.  After an epic battle, Karza was banished from the microverse.

In his new home, the Baron has fashioned a base out of the remains of Citadel Steel Jag, at the southwestern tip of the Duchy.  There he studies magic and plots his conquest of the microverse.


"Never go to Citadel Steel Jeeg.  Aye, its in ruins, but its not empty.  Go there and an all you will find is horror and death."

-Lady Selene Thunderstar, Leader of the Adventurer's Guild in Newhom.

8th level wrecker [CONSTRUCT] 
Initiative: +8

Master Strategist: Barzon Karza uses the escalation die.

C: Rocket Hand +13 vs. PD - 38 damage
        Natural Even Roll: Target is stuck.
       Natural 16+: Target is vulnerable

R: Optic Blast +13 vs. AC - 40 damage
      Natural 16+: Target is knocked prone.
     Miss: 10 damage.

Nastier Specials
R: Psi-Blast +13 vs. MD - 35 damage
      Natural 16+: Target is knocked hampered.
     Miss: 8 damage.

Weapon Systems: 
R: Missle Pods +13 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies) - 30 damage
     Natural 16+: Target is knocked stunned.

AC 24

PD  18               HP 144

MD 22

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