Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Strange: Through A Mirror, Darkly

Over the last few months, I've manage to string together a series of one-shots using the Strange and it now looks like these episodes could grow into a campaign.

The setting draws from Dark Matter, the setting book for Alternity and the d20 System; the TV shows Sliders and Fringe; Marvel and DC Comics; and of course, the Strange RPG, itself.

Thus far, I'm not really using Spinners, Vectors, and Paradoxes, but may still allow characters to travel between worlds without devices--although--at the moment we're looking parallel universes more than recursions.  Honestly, I'm keeping everything vague to build some mystery, so some of these questions aren't being answered purposely.

From the one-shots, I have three characters who work for the Hoffman Institute and two characters that survived the Mont Cook Games' Halloween Instant Adventure, Game of Screams.

By the end of the most recent session, they had discovered some extra dimensional beings (elmo and big bird, as hardcore prisoners, were among them) and shifted to a parallel earth.

We'll see how this goes.

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