Monday, November 9, 2015

Cypher Friends: Icestar of the Champions for the Cypher System

He told himself when he started that he was after the fame, the girls, and the glory, but John Grayson's arrogance and brashness only serve to disguise a fighting heart devoted to the deeper cause of justice. 

John was born with the power to produce ice, and through practice developed them to the point that he felt able to don the identity of Icestar. As Icestar his exploits were televised and he quickly became a local hero, popular with the police and public alike. There is even an official "fanclub" that engages in various forms of community service.Coming to the aid of his friends, leading the team.

As years went by Icestar meet several costumed heroes and became a founding member when they decided to join forces, calling themselves the Champions. Currently he is even serving an indefinite term of office as the first elected chairman. Reasoning with the fact that his young sister, Christine, has developed similar powers, John had her move in with him. Unable to watch her every move, it led to Christine discovering that he was actually Icestar. Forcing him to let her come along with him and the Champions on adventures and having John train her in the arts of heroing.

When in his civilian attire, John supports himself as a telephone pole repairman. He did graduate college with a degree, and he has done work as a cryogenics research scientist, but John felt that as his adventuring as Icestar grew more involved it kept him unable to do laboratory work full time. The only two people that know John's identity as Icestar are Christine his sister and his coworker, who occasionally has to cover for him when situations arise.

Brash Power-Wielder (Adept) who Wears a Sheen of Ice (with Combat Flavor)

Level/Effort 1

Might 7
Speed 11
Intellect 12 Edge 1

Special Abilities
Ice Shield [Resonance Field] (1 Intellect point)
Ice Blast [Onslaught] (1 Intellect point)
Ice Slide [Far Step] (2 Intellect points)
Practiced with Light and Medium Weapons

Trained in Initiative
Trained in All actions overcoming or ignoring fear or

Tier 1: Ice Armor (1 Intellect point). 
Power Shifts
Accuracy 1 Shift
Dexterity 2 Shifts
Healing 1 Shift
Single Attack (Ice Blast [Onslaught]) 1 Shift

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