Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Back This: Why You Should Get In On the Adventurers! Kickstarter

Piotr Korys of GRAMEL was kind enough to give me an advanced look at the Adventurers! Core and Fantasy PDFs that are currently on Kickstarter.

I reviewed the original version of the game a few months ago and have really enjoyed all of GRAMEL's products that I've picked up.

Since Adventurers! is a few years old now, with a nice solid base of rules and settings, the Kickstarter is the perfect chance to get into a game that plays fast and easy.

The rules are straightforward and very robust and you can get a Free Preview of them here.

You get two PDF's for backing the Kickstarter (as well as Print options).

The CORE PDF has the rules for the Player's and the GM and is 114 pages long. It also features the Creature Cards (easily printable stat blocks for adversaries). 

Additionally, we get the Space Rangers setting (Frontier Sector protectors--Old West Marshals in Space!), Creature Cards, and an adventure.

Then there is the Voodoo Pirates setting, Creature Cards, and an adventure.

The FANTASY PDF features the Gothica setting (Gothic, misty dark fantasy), Creature Cards, and an adventure. 

Additionally, we get the Kung Fu Adventurers! setting, Creature Cards, and an adventure.

Finally, we get the Dungeon setting (dungeon crawling), Creature Cards, and an adventure.

Adventurers! easily presents a concise and fast playing multi-genre game, in two PDFs, for $19 in U.S. Dollars.  That's a pretty fair price to me.

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