Tuesday, October 11, 2016

31 Nights of Halloween: Edith Numina, the Bloody Siren for Shadow of the Demon Lord

15 years ago, the infamous vampire hunter, Luna Lovelace tracked down the Bloody Siren of Steubenville, Edith Numina, a vampire from the Endless Steppes. Their battle was fierce, but in the end Luna was overmatched by the Bloody Siren. Knowing she was about to die and dreading that she would become one of the undead monsters she had spent her life hunting, Luna cursed Edith, binding the vampire to a mirror that lay near her dying form.
   In the confusion, as the weary people of Steubenville found the lifeless form of Lovelace, an agent of Baron Klaus Von Hedrik of nearby Lowell stole up the mirror, having witnessed the battle between the two women through an open window. The agent, Hans Brothert, hastily brought the mirror to his Barona and told him it's tale.
   The Baron, dying of consumption, tried to bargain with the trapped Edith, hoping she could bring him immortality. However, neither vampire or Baron could figure a way to free her and the Baron succumbed to his illness within a few months.
   Recently, a collector from Crossings found her way to Lowell and after making an appointment with Klaus' daughter, Baroness Uma Lemue, bought the "wretched, haunted mirror".
   That collector, Illyana Vett, is a trusted and valued member of the Brotherhood of Shadows and her ally, Tabours Yule, has a plan to free the vampire trapped within the mirror.

Size 1 horrifying undead
Perception 15 (+5); dark sight
Defense 20; Health 120
Strength 14 (+4)   Agility 15 (+5)   Intellect 15 (+5)   Will 16 (+6)
Speed 14
Immune damage from cold, disease, poison; gaining Insanity; 
   asleep, diseased, fatigued, immobilized, poisoned, slowed
Resilience A vampire takes half damage from weapons. 
Celestial Vulnerability A vampire takes double damage from 
   Celestial spells and makes challenge rolls to resist Celestial 
   spells with 1 bane.
Fear of the Gods A vampire makes attack rolls with 1 bane against a creature wearing or wielding a holy symbol. 
Pass for Human A vampire appears human until it takes 
   damage or makes an attack roll, at which point its features
   contort to assume a monstrous appearance. The vampire 
   retains this appearance until it uses an action to resume its 
   human appearance. While it appears human, the vampire 
   loses its horrifying trait.

Claws (melee) +5 with 3 boons (2d6 plus the target is grabbed on 
   an attack roll 20+)
Fangs (melee) +5 with 1 boon1 (3d6

Double Attack Edith attacks twice with its claws.


Blood Drain The vampire makes a Strength attack roll against the Strength of one target living creature of esh and blood that it is grabbing. On a success, the target takes 3d6 damage and becomes fatigued until it completes a rest. The vampire heals the same amount of damage. If the target is already fatigued this way, it  must make a Will challenge roll. On a failure, it instead becomes charmed until it completes a rest. 

Flowing Mist When the vampire takes damage, it can use a 
triggered action to turn its body into mist, y up to its Speed, and then resume its normal form. While in mist form, it is immune to all damage, its movement does not trigger free attacks, and it can move through openings wide enough to permit the passage of air and through spaces occupied by other creatures.


Burned by Sunlight The vampire takes 2d6 damage if it is
   in an area lit by sunlight. 

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