Saturday, October 8, 2016

31 Nights of Halloween: Hargrave for FAE

Lucius Adolphus was ancient before he served as a Magus for Nero. A devoted and tormented apprentice to Merlin, he gave up his humanity to become a Lich after his master disappeared from Greece, before it fell in 1200 B.C.
   While he spent over two millennia serving one petty tyrant or another, he eventually turned to high finance and became a major backer for several prominent European banks that are still active in the 21st Century.
   Currently, the Lich is studying the very nature of evil, something that he has been curious since he murdered his younger brother in the dark and distant past. He has set up a special program, the Kane Project, which is supposed to use data mining to track and identify troubled youths and intervene against those that have significant evidence of psycopathy. In reality, Hargrave often has six to ten youths that he is evaluating and training as part of his ongoing experiment. He trains and equips his apprentices, even going so far as to teach them arcane theory if they are mentally equipped. All of them are bound to him, so that he can easily remove them when they no longer serve his purposes.

Hargrave is the Big Bad behind what seem at first to be disparate cases of murder, sometimes with paranormal elements.


High Concept: 
   An Ancient Lich With A Army of Serial Killers
Trouble: Curious
Shared: If You Join Me, You Could Be My Heir
Other Aspects: Rich and Powerful, Dark Wizard

Careful: Great (+4) 
Clever: Good (+3) 
Flashy: Fair (+2) 
Forceful: Average (+1) 
Quick: Fair (+2) 
Sneaky: Good (+3)


Magus (Clever): Because of you're Wizardry you gain a +2 to Cleverly attack an enemy.

Compelling (Carefully): Because you are the a Ancient Lich you gain a +2 to Carefully interact socially.

[  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] 


Mild (2)
Mild (2)
Moderate (4)
Severe (6):


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