Monday, October 3, 2016

The Old World: Wight Knight of the Vampire Counts for 13th Age #MonsterMonday


Wight Kings were once ancient and immensely powerful human warlords that had at one time occupied the lands of present day Sylvania in the days before the founding of the Empire. When imbued with Dark Magic, these ancient warlords rise from their crypts as Wight Kings, eyes glowing with unnatural life. Originally, these remains were once protected by ancient runes and talismans conducted by the earliest forms of wizards or shamans to aid in warding off potential grave robbers and scavengers from desecrating their resting places.

WIGHT KNIGHT for 13th Age
8th level wrecker [UNDEAD]
Initiative: +5
Vulnerability: Holy

Baleful Bladed +13 vs PD - 38 damage  
     Natural Roll Even Roll: The target is dazed with fear.

Nastier Specials
Dark Magic: At the start of each of the wight knight's turns it regains 20 Hit Points

AC 24

AC 22         HP 180

MD 22

Fear: 60

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