Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On Selling Comics: My Problem With Marvel's Crossovers

I sell comics and games for a living. I love my job. I've been a comics fan for thirty-three years, since I was 11. I've been a part of the store I run for same time. It's pretty cool.

Right now I have a problem with Marvel's Crossover events. For the last ten years, from my perspective, their Crossovers merely feature one group of Heroes fighting another group of Heroes. And not only am I tired of it, but it's sending the wrong message.

Growing up, comics, especially super-heroes gave me an escape from the problems of my own life. I was small and had a big mouth, so I had my share of bullies. Super-heroes inspired me, they helped shape who I am today, they taught me social issues and science, and they made me love reading and art. I liked being able to see, generally, good guy winning against the bad guy.

Now maybe heroes vs heroes sells better. But sometimes, you need to look at the message your sending. Both Marvel and DC have made strides in diversity and inclusiveness. But what benefit is that if all Marvel does is make the in-fighitng more inclusive and diverse? Is that a real win?

I hope somebody at Marvel is watching DC kick their ass, sales-wise and maybe, just maybe somebody is noticing that people need heroes. They need people to stick together.

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