Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Pig-Thing

The villagers of Plinth told wild and wicked stories about Miriam who lived alone in the woods after her Ma and Pa died of consumption. They called her a witch and worse in town, especially if there was ale involved. But when she came to town ripe with a babe in her belly a full three years after she lost her parents their tongues got to truly waggling. "Whose the father? What man would have her? Who else would have her? I mean it's just her and some pigs out there."

No one really knows what forces Miriam dallied with, but soon their world would change forever the squeal of her newborn baby boy she called Junior.

As the year's went on hunter's began avoiding anywhere close to her place and they'd mutter, "Something ain't right out her way, there's something big around her place." And a few would whisper, "Something at her place it...it's just....I mean its just plain wrong."

After just a few year animals started disappearing; at first just chickens and some cat, but then dogs and goats and even horses would go missing and always close to those woods. Things looked bad when Grahm Thomas' prized cow, Blueberry, was taken and it got even worse after Tilly Rorke, Lem's youngest at just six years old, never came home.

It was then that some of the villagers started bringing up Miriam and that babe she had been close to birthing years ago and then Gordon and Dwight Lerner and couple of the other hunters brought up what they feared might be out there on her land.

That night seven men set out for Miriam's filled with whiskey and armed with more than pitchforks and torches seven men went out to "set things right" and find little Tilly. They never came home.

Size 2 horrifying monster
Perception 11 (+1); shadowsight
Defense  15; Health 45
Strength 17 (+7)   Agility 11 (+1)   Intellect 8 (-2)   Will 12 (+2)
Speed 10

Ferocious When a pig-thing would become incapacitated, roll 
a d6. On a roll of 5 or 6 the pig-thing instead heals 10 damage.

Sweaty Paws (melee) +7 with 1 boon (2d6) 


Devour The pig-thing eats one target defenseless or dead creature that is Size 1 or smaller and within its reach. A living creature dies instantly on being eaten.

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