Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Avengers Initiative: Moondragon

I've got an idea for an Icons game set in within the Marvel Cinematic Universe post Civil War where Tony Stark has begun the Avengers Initiative to recruit new members to the team to supplement War Machine and Vision. I'll probably start with adaptations of existing characters before moving into some originals. In many ways it could be a spiritual sequel to my Mightiest game.

Heather Douglas was born in Los Angeles, California, daughter of Arthur and Yvette Steckley Douglas. When Heather was still a girl, her father was driving her and her mother through the desert when they accidentally happened to see a spaceship of the mad titan, Thanos land; the space villains did not want any witnesses, so they destroyed their car. Heather was thrown clear and survived, but her parents were killed. Through her extraordinary mental abilities, she was found by Mentor, who took her to his home world, Titan, to be raised by the monks of Shao-Lom.

From the monks, Heather develops her body to its full potential, becoming a formidable martial artist. They teach Heather various scientific disciplines such as chemistry and genetic engineering; but most significantly, they help Heather tap into her latent psionic powers, present within all humans. Heather is able to develop her mental powers far beyond even those of her teachers, so much so that she eventually mentally contacts a powerful entity called the Dragon of the Moon. The Dragon immediately tries to corrupt and take her over, but she fights back, driving the Dragon away. This fills her with pride and an overwhelming sense of superiority. To commemorate her victory, she takes the name Moondragon. Unknown to Heather, the Dragon subtly continues to influence her on a subconscious level.


Determination: 1          

Stamina: 14

Origin: Unearthly

Prowess: Incredible (7)

Coordination: Great (6)

Strength: Good (5)

Intellect: Amazing (8)

Awareness: Incredible (7)

Willpower: Fantastic (9)

Blast Good (5)
Flight Great (6)

Force Field Great (6)
Illusion Incredible (7)
Mind Control Supreme (10)
Telekinesis Good (5)

Telepathy Amazing (8)

Martial Arts (+2)

Pilot (+1)
Science (+1)

Raised by the Monks of Shao-Lom
Too Proud For Her Own Good
Looking For The Perfect Mate

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