Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Grünfeuer, An Enchanted Sword

Joseph Schultz spent his life stalking a mysterious monster, the Cur, that haunted the Soldier Forest, who was often blamed for the killing of nearby livestock and the disappearance of nearly two-dozen. As he became an old man and worried he would never find the monster, he recruited his nephew Dolf to accompany him. Joseph carried with him a sword that his grandfather, Willem, had procured from a merchant and handed down to his father, who had handed it down to him. It was Joseph's prize possession and he promised to Dolph after the Cur was finally slain, it would be passed down to him.

Finally, in the first week of winter, Joseph and Dolf came upon the Cur, a chilling wolf-man that was tearing at a fallen stag. The battle was short and brutal and as the Cur fell upon Joseph and began tearing out his throat, the old man jammed his prized weapon into the thing's ribs where a terrible green fire burnt them both to ash in less than three heartbeats.

Three days later, a wounded Dolf stumbled from the Forest and made his way home to his new wife, Lara. After the birth of their twin girls, he sold the blade to a dwarf for three gold and admitted to his wife that he was glad to see that chapter of his life close. That winter, on the second anniversary of Joseph's death, beast-men massacred Dolf and his new family.

The dwarf who bought it was a mercenary, Koogan Stonewall, who found himself being paid to strike at the rebellious orcs of the Empire. His death came at the hands of a young orc named Kel who took the sword as he deserted his unit for the Northern Reach.

Sword (1d6+2 Plus Green Inferno on an attack roll 20+; 1 hand)
Green Inferno The target takes 2d6 damage or 4d6 damage if the target is a monster.

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