Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hell Has Frozen Over...

I usually don't share my personal feelings here about our hobby, but I just saw on ENWorld that Gareth Michael Skarka has started Adamant 2.0.

There was a time when I held GMS in a similar view as John Wick and I would buy anything he chose to publish (the Underworld RPG was a really cool game). He also hooked me in his discussions of the Odyssey d20 system which supposedly would power Far West. 

Yes, THAT Far West. The only reason I didn't end up entangled in that debacle (going on 5 years now unfulfilled with over 50 missed deadlines) is that I was unfamiliar with Kickstarter and I messed up something with my credit card. That glitch saved me 5 years of heartache and frustration.

This is purely my opinion, but the creation of Adamant 2.0, after the problems with Far West, ICONS (before Steve Kenson formed Ad Infinitum Adventures--a fine, fine company), and Buckaroo Banzai is like a kick in the balls to those people who, thus far, have paid for and received nothing as preorders and crowdfunding. My business experience tells me this is further insulation for GMS from liability from previous ventures. 

I don't know what the future holds, but I advise anyone to be very dubious about Adamant 2.0's future offerings.

I hope everyone one day gets what they have already paid for, but I'm not certain that will occur. Be educated before you buy, it might save you some frustration.

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