Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Good Word for Chris Pramas and Green Ronin

Several years ago, I backed the mammoth Freeport Kickstarter, but because I'm lazy I didn't notice that my PDF rewards went to an old e-mail address. I got my physical rewards and was thoroughly happy.

Flash forward a few years and most of what I read our PDFs on my macbook. I discovered the problem with the e-mail and went to the Kickstarter contacted them and explained that "I was an idiot and if they could help me great, if not, I completely understand."

Later that day, Chris Pramas, founder of Green Ronin, sent me the files.

Now let me be clear here, three years after the Kickstarter he took the time to send me files because I couldn't keep track of an e-mail address.

That's some quality customer service. And I'm pleased to stay that I've had similar quality customer service from other Ronins.

They're a great company and they deserve a shout out!

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