Monday, August 6, 2012

Masters of the Universe Monday: Tri-Klops

Trydor Esooniux Scope, was riginally an inter-dimensional bounty hunter and tracker.  Scope was recruited by Skeletor during one of the final battles of the Great Unrest to bolster his weakened forces. As good with a blade as he is crafty, Scope took the name Tri-Klops after an accident left him blind and he was forced to wear a tri-optic visor which granted him expanded tracking abilities including Gammavision, the ability to see around objects, Distavision, a form of Far Vision, Night Vision, and the ability to generate optic blasts. Tri-Klops uses his three different eyes to spy for Skeletor!

Tri-Klops' stats are for 13th Age from Fire Opal Media and published through Pelgrane Press.  Preorder here!

3rd Level Wrecker               
Initiative +5

Sword or Optic Blast +9 vs AC; Hit: 3d8
Natural roll of 6+ Deal half damage on a miss.
Tri-optic Visor Enemies cannot be Behind or Far Away from Tri-Klops and he is immune to a rogue's Sneak Attack damage.

AC 20
PD 18
MD 13
HP 45

Icons: Tri-Klops works for Skeletor (The Lich Lord).

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