Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back this: Hulks and Horrors Core Set

Hovering Squids are a PC Race!
Hulks and Horrors Core Set is attempting to get funded on Indiegogo and it still has 15 days left.

Here is some more information:
Hulks and Horrors is a game of space exploration, treasure hunting, and horrific peril, set in the abandoned places of space.
Centuries before mankind and its new allies reached the stars, a great galactic plague wiped out all sentient life, leaving the galaxy littered with the ruins and wealth of entire civilizations.  But the plague also left behind the plague horrors, terrifying creatures twisted by the mutagenic plague into atavistic monsters that crave only the flesh of other life.
Characters take on the role of one of seven classes: the battle-hardened Soldier, the brash and dextrous Pilot, the clever genius Scientist, the meditative master Psyker, and their alien allies, the tribal Bearmen, the brilliant ameoboid Omega Reticulans, and the nimble Hovering Squid.
The core rules are inspired by the classic editions of the world's most popular roleplaying game, and easily convertible to and from most major retroclones.  Core resolution is based on a simple roll-under system, designed to keep the old-school flavor of the game mechanics while streamlining them for a newer generation.
Extensive DM tools are included for designing spaceships, dungeons, monsters, and whole sectors of space, as well as ideas for optional house rules, and a generous selection of monsters ready made for your campaigns.

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