Friday, August 3, 2012

13th Age Thursday: Wraith Widow

Wraith Widows are homunculi created by the Green Wraith to protect and enforce her dominion over the Wraithwood.  Each time one of the creatures consume a sentient being they transfer their victim's life essence to their creator.  At this point, the Green Wraith cannot maintain more than seven Wraith Widows at a time.

The Wraith Widow's stats are for 13th Age from Fire Opal Media and published through Pelgrane Press.  Preorder here!

Wraith Widow (Giant Spider)
3rd Level Spoiler                    

Initiative +4

Melee Attack fangs or legs +8 vs AC; 
Hit: 3d8; Miss: 3
Natural Attack Roll 16+ webbing covers 1d3 nearby enemies who are Constrained

Higher Level Specials: 
spit venom +7 vs AC; Hit: 3d10 Acid

AC 20
PD 17
MD 11

HP 45

Icons The Green Wraith (The High Druid) creates and controls Wraith Widows

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