Friday, August 3, 2012

Bonus 13th Age Thursday: Bile Drake

Bile Drakes are magically altered creatures, using a ritual taught by Nilat the Corrupter to her cultists.  The ritual requires the egg of an Adder and the process takes nearly nine months of foul offerings.

The Bile Drake's stats are for 13th Age from Fire Opal Media and published through Pelgrane Press.  Preorder here!

Bile Drake
Large 2nd Level Wrecker                    

Initiative +6

Fang, Claw, or Tail +7 vs AC;  Hit 4d6;
Miss 1d6
Acid Breath Weapon +7 vs PD; 
Hit: 3d6 Acid and 3 ongoing Acid
Miss: 1d6 Acid
     Usable once per battle, affects up to 3 nearby foes (and any friends who are between them)

Escalation The bile drake adds the Escalation Die to it's attack rolls

AC 19
PD 16
MD 11

Fear Threshold 15

HP 80

Icons The Cursed (The Three)

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