Monday, August 20, 2012

D&D Next: Revised Psychic Warrior Fighting Style

I've revised the Psychic Warrior based on some feedback and unhappiness over how it "felt".

Psychic Warrior
Your fighting style relies on your natural psychokinetic gifts.

     Suggested Equipment: Displacer beast hide, spear, 4 daggers, adventurer's kit and 24 gp.

Level     Combat Maneuver
       1     Telekinesis
       3     Mind Over Matter
       5     Poltergeist

Your psychic gift allows you to use telekinesis to extend your weapon's reach when fighting in melee.
       Benefit:  When you make a melee attack against a creature, you may spend a single expertise die to increase the reach of your melee attacks by 10 feet, until the end of your turn.

Mind Over Matter
You have focused on using your telekinesis to raise or lower the surface temperature of your weapon.
       Benefit:  When you make a successful melee attack, you may spend a single expertise die to change the damage type to cold or fire.

Your mastery of telekinesis allows you to attempt to turn your environment into a weapon
       Benefit:  As a standard action, you may spend expertise dice to make a ranged improvised weapon attack against a creature within 40 feet of the improvised object.  Use your full weapon bonus on the ranged attack roll.  Roll any expertise dice you spend this way and the creature takes bludgeoning damage equal to the result.

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