Thursday, June 16, 2022

Rifts: Dog Boy Origin Focus for Worlds Without Number & Stars Without Number [Revised]


Dog Boy Origin Focus 

Level 1
They gain +1 bonus to their Constitution modifier, up to a maximum of +3 and gain Notice as a bonus skill which they can use to scent the trails of anyone with psychic or magical abilities as well as objects with paranormal or extra-dimensional traits. 

Level 2
They gain two of the following benefits from the list below.
• Their Movement speed increases to 40'.
• Their innate Armor Class is 13.
• They gain a +2 bonus to Physical saving throws.
• They gain Survive as a bonus skill.
• They gain 1 extra maximum hit point per level. 
   This bonus applies retroactively if you take this 
   Focus after first level.

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