Saturday, June 18, 2022

Rifts: Burster Origin Foci for WWN & SWN


Burster Origin Focus 

Level 1

They must either be an Elementalist or take the Partial Mage class option from the Adventurer class as an Elementalist. Their maximum Effort score is increased by one point. They may commit Effort as an Instant action and while it is committed they are surround in an aura of flames and any creature that hits them with a melee attack takes 1d6 damage unless the weapon has the Long trait.

Level 2

They gain a +1 to the Modifier of Int or Cha to a maximum of +3. As a Main action they may hurl a blast of fire at a visible target within 300 feet. The attack is made with Magic as the combat skill, Int, Cha, or Dex as the attribute, and a bonus to hit equal to your character level. On a hit, the attack does 1d6 damage. They may use this bolt as often as they wish.

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