Monday, October 7, 2019

Monter Monday: George for B/X Ascending

My wife and I don't watch a lot of TV, but there are a few new shows this season I'm enjoying. One of them is Evil on CBS and that's where George comes from.

George for B/X Ascending 
He creeps into bedrooms at night, paralyzing his victims and tears at his victims souls, slowly, methodically, until there is nothing left of them. Then, only then, does cut them apart for the sheer joy of it.

AC 13HD 3 (13 hp), Att 1 × weapon (1d6 or by weapon), AB +1, MV 120’ (40’), SV D11 W13 P12 B15 S16, ML 10AL Chaotic, XP 50, NA 1TT None
  • Stalks your dreams: Victims must make a Saving Throw vs Paralyzation or the wake up but cannot move.
  • Weapons: Prefer daggers.
  • Demonic: May be turned as Undead.
  • Shadow Figure: Moves Silently and Hides in Shadows at 12+ on a d20 roll.


Scott Anderson said...

Turned as undead but not undead itself?

Cross Planes said...


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