Saturday, October 26, 2019

Campaign Trail: Creature Commandos

Believe it or not, I occasionally wax nostalgic for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. I happen to think it would make a great superhero RPG. 

To that end, the last time I used it, was to run a Creature Commandos inspired adventure in a World War II that never was.

I don't own the DnD 4 books digitally, but I think the Radiance Player's Guide: A Complete Roleplaying Game in the Age of Electrotech (it's free, yes, FREE) is a good substitute.

It's got steampunk, magic, and tons of Classes (30). Even better, the Radiance Expansion Kit has even more Classe (21) and it also includes Immortals (14) that are templates worth for levels you can start the game with or acquire through play. The Immortals happen to include Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Gargoyles and even Franken Golems, among others.

I'm really thinking about trying to give this a spin for another run at Creature Commandos.  

It's August 1947 and the Axis powers now include the Elves of Alfheim, who came out of hiding in 1939 to support the Final Solution and the Dero who joined up in 1941, and were promised North and South America once the Allies were defeated. The U.S. Navy has even claimed that some amphibious humanoids are working with the Japs. And to make matters worse, the Axis has also discovered Challenger's Lost World and are enchanting and unleashing dinosaurs on the Allied forces.

Thankfully the Brits and their allies expanded Operation Cone of Power and have used the OSS to deploy some unusual agents in Europe. 

Those agents are known as the Witch-Hammers and are led by Captain Phillip Byron. The 'Hammers features some rather unusual recruits, a werewolf, a sorcerer, a revenant, a man of God, and an ancient robot. 

The Top Brass are very excited about the Witch-Hammers first mission proving a success and preventing a newly unearthed spell scroll that would summon and control the legendary Valkyrie from reaching the Fuhrer himself.

Rumors even say the Brass have figured out what those Foo Fighters really are flying around dogfights and might even have several of them in custody from an incident over in New Mexico.

Things are dark, but the dawn may be just around the corner.

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