Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Character Building: Making a Godbound

Needles, over at Sword and Stitchery, has been writing about his Godbound and Cha'alt campaign set in Las Vegas and it has me really intrigued me (truthfully all of his posts intrigue me, he's an idea machine).

While I have purchased several games from Kevin Crawford, I've never played or GM'd one. To that end I decided to make a Godbound.

It took me about 35 minutes and it was interesting. I'm assuming the Exalted-vibe is a feature and not a bug, I never cared for Exalted and felt it was way too crunchy for my tastes, but Godbound is filled with excellent ideas, and the more I read of Kevin's stuff, the more awestruck I become.

One of my favorite mechanics (of many) are Facts, I find them similar to 13th Age's Backgrounds, and very elegant.

Terrence "Ren" Mourn
Level 1

Abilities       Score   (Modifier)  [Check]
Strength          11         (+0)           [10]
Dexterity        10         (+0)           [11]
Constitution   12         (+0)            [9] 
Wisdom          17        (+2)            [4]
Intelligence    16         (+2)            [5]
Charisma         9         (+0)            [12]

Hit Points    8

Saving Throws
Hardiness   15
Evasion      13
Spirit          13

Effort           2

Influence      2

Light Armor AC 7
Light weapon 1d6 damage

I grew up at the Library in High Justice
I plundered the Tombs of Ng Qa
I am considered a traitor by the Vermillion

   Omniscient Scholar (G)
   Adept of the Gate (L)
   Wizard's Wrath (L)
   Adept of the Way (G)

Invocations of the Gate
   Glyph of Crowned Impunity
   Kiss of the Crane
   Sunder the Lesser Spell
   The Tireless Iron Cavalcade

Invocations of the Way
   Deafening Word of Truth
   Glyph of Crowned Impunity   
   Sunder the Greater Spell


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John Champaign said...

Nice character! I'd love to run him through a campaign...

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