Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Back In the OSR: Superheroes X

Since I seem to be caught up in Gamer ADD, I've take the time to read through several different OSR games that I'm not sure have gotten much exposure.

First is Superheroes X by the amazing Simon Washbourne of Beyond Belief Games.

The PDF is 28 pages and uses public domain golden age comic art.

The rules are based on Swords and Wizardry and Swords and Wizardry Light.

Each character has an Origin and you may choose from the following: Alien, Construct, Highly Trained (Agent), Mutation, and Deity. An Origin gives you some immediate benefits for your character and replace Race.

You may choose from the following Classes: Brick, Daredevil, Detective, Elementalist, Fighter, Gadgeteer, Metamorph, Mystic, and Psychic. Each Class only goes to 6th level, but everything is light enough to, in my opinion, extrapolate to higher levels.

There are 24 Powers to choose from and each has incremental benefits as you level. The powers cover every character in comic books I can think of.

There are also Advantages and Disadvantages to choose from.

The games assumes you are pretty familiar with older editions of DnD or it's retroclones but is complete enough you could pick this up and be playing within an hour, including character creation.

It provides stats for plenty of Antagonists too, including White Apes and Dinosaurs!

I'm a big fan of Simon and Superheroes X and highly recommend it.


Scott Anderson said...

Can you have the power of growing an extra mouth in your armpit so you can do things only someone who has two moths can do? Can you have telekinetic knees? Is there a way to make up a guy who can talk to corn? What about someone who is completely immune to certain kinds of ringworm?

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