Monday, October 29, 2018

The Black Hack: Forest Naga

Forest Naga HD 4
Claws STR (1 Close) 3 dmgƒ 
Bite - STR (1 Close) 3 dmg    
Tail Swipe - STR (1 Nearby) 5 dmg    

  • Spiteful! Deal Ongoing Damage to a target that makes an even Defence Roll
  • Blessed of Kali! May cast the spell Predator’s Stealth: Magical silence covering everything Nearby to a target - lasts Ud8 Moments. 

Forest nagas are still found in the lands surrounding Schwarzhold Forest and near the southwestern portion of the Lieber River. 

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Shannon Duke said...

These are great throwing axes. Good weight and sturdy. The only thing I don’t really like about them is the bottle opener like this. When you throw the ax your finger almost gets caught in the hole and it makes you kind of second guess throwing it. It’ll work though!

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