Friday, October 12, 2018

Manimals: Level 4 Otter Psychic Magican for Shadow of the Demon Lord & Godless

In my last post I began exploring mixing After the Bomb with Shadow of the Demon Lord's Engine. First, I think that Pallaidum's rules could easily be bolted onto SotDL with some basic tweaking.

I'm working up a second character an Otter, I decided to give them +1 Perception, Swimmer, and Darksight for their Ancestry. Otherwise I used the SotDL rules as written.

Here is a level 4 Otter Psychic Magician

Strength 10 (+0)       Agility 11 (+1) 
Intellect 13 (+3)       Will 11 (+1)
Perception 14 (+4)   Defense 10 (Leather)
Health 26                  Healing Rate 6
Speed 10; swimmer  Size 1/2         Power 2
Languages and Professions 
   Common Tongue (read and write); Astrology
Catch Your Breath 
Psychic Power 4
Psychic Defense 
Psychic Spell 
Sense Magic

Pistol (range 35) +1 with 1 boons (2d6)

Telepathy Sense Thoughts (3), Share Thoughts (3), 
   Message (2), Mind Stab (2), Read Minds (1)
Telekinesis Mind Over Matter (3), Crush (2), Hold (1)

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